The future of display.
Your solution to local.

Origami is the breakthrough interactive display solution designed to put you back in command of your O&O and capture new, recurring digital revenue from your largest and most meaningful segment of advertisers: local businesses.

Effortless sale. Instant revenue.

Origami is sold as an automated extension to every local print campaign. Now when your customers advertise in print, they’ll reach your digital audience too. It’s that simple.

Reporting that resonates.

  • Every Origami ad automatically reports on the metrics that matter to your local advertisers: impressions and engagements.
  • With clear-cut numbers and clean design, Origami Ad Reports make it easy to connect the dots between dollars spent and benefits gained.
  • No clutter, no complex number crunching, no guesswork. Just impact at a glance.

The gateway into your digital offerings.

Own the value of your O&O.

Your online audience is extremely valuable. Origami gives your print advertisers exposure to that audience without any design time or effort required on their part. That’s value the other digital guys can’t offer.

Instantly fill your digital sales funnel.

With tangible benefits and zero risk, Origami is the tool you need to get your entire local advertiser base doing deeper-level digital with you—instantly.

Provide a path forward.

Origami makes it easy to demonstrate the deeper benefits of digital to all of your local advertisers. When your digital sales funnel is consistently filled with new prospects receiving this benefit, it’s easier for you to continue that digital conversation towards higher-dollar offerings.

Keep your audience


Origami ads invite your audience to engage with advertisers in-line without ever leaving your O&O.


Unlike other ad networks, Origami won’t slow down your site and frustrate your readers.

Ad Blocker Proof

Origami’s technology can avoid detection by ad blockers, while delivering an optimal ad experience for consumers.